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Lash Candy

Here is where we take lash extensions to the next level using playful LASH extensions to suit different occasions creating drama and real character to the eye. Classy Classic singles offer a range of beautifully fun and vibrant lashes which can be customized to each LASH look. LASH candy extension are available in Glitter of all colours , crystal bling, also rainbow colors ranging in a variety shades and tones. You must be excited by now; but it doesn’t end there exclusively at LASH LAB PLUS we create and customize classic singles with a hint of real feathers.
Lash candy can be applied as full sets or simple as an accent lash to help pop your regular lash extensions.
Lash candy is simple a great fun way to Unleash your alter Ego…treat your LASHES with a some candy . LASH candy!

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