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The process of Lash extension is relaxing, comfy and spa like. Most consider it to be referred to as “naptime” the true experience of relaxing beauty. As you are lying down for at least 45 minutes eyes closed. Naptime….your time to unwind as lashing applies very little to no pressure and is almost a weight less service.Eye LASH extensions have evolved in the beauty industry. There are many different styles of lashes to achieve any desired look. From Classy classic single lashes ,applied strand by strand to which will give you a very natural yet sexy everyday look. Maybe you need a Glam look VAVA Volume lashes are perfect! This will give a fluffy..full ..fierce..bold eye as and individual volume LASH has multiple strands of hair 2d 3d 4d 5d. At Lash Lab + located in Mississauga Malton very close to the Toronto Pearson International airport; we can help you achieve the right look. Let’s not forget that LASH extensions also range in fibre and generally speaking they all look the same but the difference is more so obvious to the touch and feel. Synthetic fibre lashes are completely fake and have a hard feel to them. In comparison to Mink lashes which are totally natural and a real fibre ,very soft to the touch and feel and also last longer. Of course you can always opt for something in between like a faux MINK fibre lash part synthetic and park mink giving a more mink like feel soft and feather like. Thankfully we also have options with the lengths of our lashes and curl styles to suit your natural lashes best. All of which can be played upon to achieve endless eye looks. Classy Classic singles and Vava volume lashes were design to last 2-3weeks once applied and touched up within that time frame to keep your LASHES looking well kept and fresh. So what ever style lashes you desire we will create, giving you that eye captivating look we can create soft and suttle or sexy and bold to over the top and dramatic lash looks. one of the great thing about lashes extension is that they allow you to let your eyes speak. At Lash Lab plus we to make all our clients feel great with a fresh set of Lash extension.

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