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Eye Lashes: “LASHADE”

Lash Extensions: Top

Lash Extensions: Bottom

Lashes O’Natural

Eye Brows: “BOSSY BROWS”


Hair Extensions: Weave (Braid+Sew)



Other install options:


Lace (Sew in)

Lace (Bond in)



Nails: “NAILED IT”

Gel – Overlay Nail Extensions

Gel – Overlay “O’NATURAL”


Includes regular polish, add Gel polish for $10

Waxing: “WELL WAXED”






1) what are lash extensions?
Semi Permanent lashes that are applied with lash adhesive to a single natural lash one at a time. 

2) How long do lash extensions stay on once applied?
If maintained correctly lash extensions should last you a minimum of 2weeks.

3) How should I prepare for a lash extensions appointment?
Prior to your lash extensions appointment you should
be free of eye makeup or excess products such as moisturizers around the eye area.

4) Can I wear mascara with lash extensions?
It’s not recommended that mascara is worn while wearing lash extensions as it will loosen the bond of the extensions.Also it defeats the purpose of the lash extensions.

5) Do lash extensions hurt?
The process of lash extensions installation does not hurt if applied correctly. While wearing the lash extensions should also be painless.

6) Are the make up cosmetics animal tested?
No our cosmetics are not tested on animals.

7) Are the make up cosmetics vegan?
While the ingredients may contain some vegan products, no they are not vegan certified.

8) Are the make up cosmetics halal?
Yes the make up cosmetics are halal certified.

9) Are the make up cosmetics manufactured in Canada?
Yes the make up cosmetics are manufactured in Canada.

10) Are the make up cosmetics gluten free?
No the make up cosmetics are not gluten free.

11) How long can I wear a lace wig?
Typically a lace wig should not worn for longer than 5-7 days. More specifically if it has been glued.

12) Do loose your hair line with a lace front wig?
If the lace wig has been glued to your hair line it is possible that it could weaken your hairline.

13) Can lace wigs be washed and reused?
Yes it is recommended that you wash your lace front wig to maintain the longevity of the hair. Yes a lace wig can be reused several times.